"Lisa has the gift of creation. Her skillful directorial collaboration immeasurably enriched both my playwriting and performance, and enabled us to develop the emotional depth and engaging theatre experience of Do You Know Me? Gentle, yet firm, Lisa guides the actor (and writer) from the inside out."  

Mina Samuels, author of "Run Like A Girl"  

“Lisa's class surpassed my expectations! I had no experience with public speaking and have never been comfortable being the center of attention. I was really nervous about taking the acting for non-actors class. Thankfully Lisa is a gifted teacher and actor. She created an environment in class and designed a curriculum that allowed me along with other students of varying abilities to grow and become confident in expressing ourselves. As she said, "The only mistake you can make is not trying the exercises." So, we did them and it was a little terrifying and a lot of fun! Quite a liberating experience. Thank you Lisa!”  

Mark Evans, editor  

"Lisa is a deeply insightful and dedicated acting teacher. She is generous with her time and attention, such that she not only searches for suitable roles that challenge each of her students, but she gives her undivided attention when giving notes and guides each student towards his or her best performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa, and I absolutely look forward to working with her again."  

Jean Zarate, neuroscientist/singer-songwriter

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa on my one-man show that has been touring the country for the last few years, and we are currently in development on a new show. Lisa is excellent at creating a safe haven in which to work and her collaborative style and insight into characters helps me to open up and get to the crux of what they have to say. The fun we have working together I find to be inspirational and helpful, not only in the process of writing but also in constructing a character for the stage. Lisa is an excellent and devoted artist of the theatre."

Jim Loucks, actor/playwright


"Great class. Lisa makes sure that every student gets equal amount of attention and she finds the right approach to everyone. When working on scenes and monologues, she's a true magician, giving students notes and making them get better."   

Anonymous, acting student, UCLA